Jaye Early: The History Of Me On My Breath - Art Collector

Jaye Early, The Silent Antagonism of a Reluctant Mother (But I don't blame her) 2014. Synthetic polymer paint, enamel and glitter on canvas, 152 x 121cm. Courtesy: the artist & Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne

Jaye Early is a Melbourne-based painter, video and performance artist from the
Boorooberongal band of Darug country, NSW, who utilises these mediums to navigate complex and uneasy personal experiences including intimate psychological encounters with loneliness and anxiety.

Engaging a vivid and sometimes lurid palette, Early’s paintings oscillate between so many contradictions; sincerity and absurdity, intimacy and detachment, figuration and abstraction. With a combination of raw drawing and great swells of colour, the viewer is drawn into the artist’s rich and unique autobiographical narratives.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Wednesday 22 July 2015
Exhibition closes: 14 August 2015
Location: Alcaston Gallery, 11 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Contact: 03 9418 6444
Email: art@alcastongallery.com.au

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