Jenny Crompton: Bloomtime
 - Art Collector

Jenny Crompton, ‘Rise’, 2017. Recycled copper, wire, cast resin, feathers, kangaroo bones and paint, 90 x 80 x 30cm. Courtesy: the artist and MARS Gallery, Windsor. 

  The art of Jenny Crompton reflects her lifelong passion for the natural world and her concerns about growing pressures on the environment. Her fastidiously executed hanging sculptures appear both ancient and thoroughly invented. Her installations immerse the viewer in an ethereal world, occupying the space between the material and spiritual planes.

In this exhibition, Crompton explores the rich coastal waters around the Bellarine Peninsula, home to seasonal blooms which have occurred over millennia. These organisms, referred to as phytoplankton or micro-algae, form the base of the food web upon which nearly all other marine organisms depend. Microscopic marine life and bloom events occurring in these waters go unseen, like spirits, responding to the seasons, climate change and the pressures this world is placing upon them. Their health and connections, affect the vitality for life on this coast.

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 8 December 2018

Exhibition closes: 20 December 2018

Location: MARS Gallery, 7 James St Windsor VIC


Phone: + 61 3 9521 7517



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