Jenny Topfer now represented by FOX/JENSEN - Art Collector

Jenny Topfer, 'NOW OF THESE THINGS I WILL SING. Number one', 2017. Oil and wax pigment stick, charcoal, pastel and graphite on linen 102 x 102cm. Courtesy: the artist and FOX/JENSEN Gallery, Sydney.

Tasmania-based artist Jenny Topfer has picked up representation with Sydney’s FOX/JENSEN and New Zealand’s FOX JENSEN McCRORY galleries.

Topfer's paintings are laden with the histories of poetry and writing; the results of a practical and emotional mind caught in a beautiful yet turbulent limbo. From her studio ‘Cloudstone’, 30 minutes north of Hobart, Topfer responds to the textures of the places she inhabits, layering and marking her canvas to portray a sense of atmosphere and awareness of space.

Holding both a BA (hons) and an MBA, the artist's background in corporate business administration has led to a painting style that is both self-aware of its scholarly influence yet deviant of its rigidity. Gallery director Andrew Jensen remarks: “This goes to the heart of Topfer’s paintings – a process that begins with a more knowable mark but whose existence is progressively challenged by the accumulation of material and a ceding to gesture that replaces depiction with sensation.”

Jensen sees the blemishes of a heavy mind veiled by a cloak of youthful innocence in Topfer’s work. “It is also not difficult to see Topfer’s paintings as an analogy to landscape and weather, or more accurately to topography and atmosphere, but the more time I have spent with them, the more I am affected by their capacity to cloak and stow emotion beneath their surface,” he says.

A selection of her works will be displayed in both galleries before a solo exhibition to show in Sydney in late 2019.

Rose Leake

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