Jess MacNeil: In between something I have - Art Collector

Jess MacNeil, In between something I have, something I've lost, and something I've never had (cold midday at Trafalgar Square in November), 2011. Oil on acrylic sheet. 200 x 180 x 35cm. Courtesy: the artist and Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

Jess MacNeil’s new exhibition "In between something I have" explores the point at which people - both her self and others - and environment meet. The works dwell on the geometry between our individual vantage points; the gulfs between each inhabitant’s experience, as well as the variations in one person’s own perspective over time through memory and the changing conditions of experience. They become ruminations on the physical, perceptual and psychological manifestations of place, experience, time, and change.

Opening: 2-5pm Saturday 23 June
Exhibition closes: 28 July 2012
Location: Gallery Barry Keldoulis, 285 Young Street, Waterloo 2017
Contact: 02 8399 1240

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