Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association - Art Collector

Timothy Cook, Kulama, 2012, natural ochres on linen. Courtesy: the artist and Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association, Northern Territory.

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association is an incorporated, non-profit Tiwi-governed organisation based at Milikapiti, a remote aboriginal community on Melville Island.

The organisation operates as an art centre open to all Tiwi people living in Milikapiti and its associated outstations and currently provides a service for up to 50 artists. Jilamara aims to provide professional support to Tiwi artists in establishing and developing their work in an environment where creativity, innovation and excellence are valued.

Jilamara operates within a community development framework to provide access to employment, education and training, thus enabling Tiwi people to develop their knowledge and skills. A majority of the projects that Jilamara is involved in are chosen for their potential to offer a sustainable option for capacity building and empowerment. Through the sale of artworks the art centre is able to generate a supplemental income for its active members.

The co-operative Jilamara Arts & Crafts is enjoying national and international success and acclaim for their paintings and sculpture. This success is by no means unheralded, but rather borne out of a continuing tradition of artists and families, pushing their artistic boundaries whilst remaining steeped in Tiwi culture.

Current artists

  • Agatina Black
  • Aileen Puruntatameri
  • Andre Darcy
  • Brain Farmer Illortaminni
  • Bruce Mungatopi
  • Carol Black
  • Christopher Black
  • Colleen Freddy
  • Connie Puruntatameri
  • Conrad Tipungwuti
  • Doriana Bush
  • Dylan Black
  • Dymphna Kerinauia
  • Glen Farmer Illortaminni
  • Janice Murray
  • Jimmy Mungatopi
  • Kaye Brown
  • Kenny Brown
  • Linus Warlapinni
  • Mary Elizabeth Moreen
  • Michelle Woody
  • Nicolas Mario
  • Patrick Freddy Puruntatameri
  • Paul Black
  • Pauletta Kerinauia
  • Pedro Wonaeamirri
  • Phillip Heenan
  • Rachel Puruntatameri
  • Raelene Kerinauia
  • Raymond Bush
  • Roslyn Brown
  • Timothy Cook
  • Nicholas Shane Miller
  • Pius Tipungwuti
  • Geraldine Pilakui

Access information

Jilamara Arts and Crafts can be accessed via regular flights with Fly Tiwi, or by contacting the art centre directly.

Online shop

Works can be purchased online through the website.

Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association
PMB 258
Winnellie NT 0822

08 8978 3901
08 8978 3903