Joanna Braithwaite: Birdland - Art Collector

Joanna Braithwaite, ‘Game Plan’, 2018, oil on canvas, 152 x 197.5cm. Courtesy: the artist and Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney.

 ‘Birdland’ is Joanna Braithwaite’s latest exhibition featuring a suite of colourful and eccentric portraits of birds. It is a view into an exotic and anthropomorphic game of dress up where each bird’s identity and personality is revealed through the mad millinery it wears.

Ostriches sport their own claimed back feathers, pelicans wear coral and seafood, there is a pheasant in fungi and a pineapple clad cassowary.

In traditional human portraiture sitters were often accompanied by subtle props that gave the viewer clues about their status or personality. The subjects in ‘Birdland’ flamboyantly wear props that speak of their unique qualities and the undeniable colour they add to our world.

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Thursday 23 August 2018
Exhibition closes: 16 September 2018
Location: Martin Browne Contemporary, 15 Hampden St, Paddington NSW
Phone: +61 2 9331 7997


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