Joe Sheehan: Dislocation - Art Collector

Joe Sheehan, Personal Space 1, 7, 9 &10, 2017. Coromandel basalt. Various dimensions. Photo: Anton Souns. Courtesy of The Artist and Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland.

Joe Sheehan’s most recent body of work, Dislocation, includes a suite of three photographs and a series of cast ‘rocks’ alongside the stone sculpture for which he is best known

Sheehan writes:
“I am constantly looking at the things around me …the new and the old and the things I have looked at a million times before and think I know… to see if there Is something else, to see if they have changed. Or maybe to try to see them as I did the first time, again. I'm curious about the way we live our lives in relation to the use of tools and objects. And I like to take things that are familiar and re-make them in stone which renders both the material and the form strange. The strangeness allows me to see things in a new way. To create a dislocation is my goal. Subtle is good. Quiet is good. I don’t often make things up. I find things. I try to work with what’s there. Sometimes it’s a kind of collaboration with the material, sometimes it’s a dance and often it’s an argument. It is never easy and rarely is it simply a case of imposing an idea onto a substrate."

Exhibition Opens: 6pm-8pm, Tuesday 28 November 2017
Exhibition Closes: 22 December 2017
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester St, Grey Lynn, Auckland NZ
Contact: +64 9 378 1500
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