Johl Dwyer: Virtually Virtual - Art Collector

Johl Dwyer, Virtually Virtual. Courtesy of the artist and OREXART, Auckland. Photograph by Kallan Macleod.

"It is one of the jobs of art to evoke the sublime. With Johl Dwyer's new sculptural works made from resin and wood the artist seems to encourage the viewer to 'take this pink or this green or this bottomless blue and hold it in your mind.' Dwyer creates his artworks as if he were conducting a little symphony; swirling his colours and pressing them against each other ... even sometimes stretching them so thinly that they become transparent."

"His works are not just surface interventions. Nor are they simply partnerships of materials that ground and tether. Dwyer's works are not minimal. On the contrary, the taut and glossy faces of his works seek engagement and encourage conversation."

Excerpt from
A Little Symphony by Amy Stewart.

Exhibition opens:
6pm-8pm, Tuesday 4 April 2017
Exhibition closes: 29 April 2017
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Contact: +64 21 300 893

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