John Pule: Dark Saints - Art Collector

John Pule. What I Will See There, 2012. Oil on stretched canvas. 200 x 200cm

Dark Saints finds Pule exploring themes of war, sex, and religion, and the impact each has had on “unknown lands” – the name Pule gives to ‘the places between God and earth’. In these powerful new paintings, Pule employs a complex array of patterns and symbols – some appropriated from traditional imagery found on 19th Century Niuean hiapo bark cloths and others that emerge from his imagination. Dividing the canvas into a grid-like format, Pule occupies each compartment with individual images that range from enigmatic animals to Christian motifs and tattoo-like patterns.

Opening: 6-8pm Thursday 28 June
Exhibition closes: 22 July 2012
Location: Martin Browne Contemporary , 15 Hampden Street Paddington 2021
Contact: 02 9331 7997

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