Josh Robbins: Once I was a bird - Art Collector

Josh Robbins, Mother of Paradise, oil, charcoal, and floor stain on linen, 90 x 130cm. Courtesy: the artist and Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

The showy spectacle brought to life by Melbourne artist Josh Robbins calls on us to contemplate a world far wilder, freer and more capricious than any normal urban existence. These are not your common garden variety of sparrow or pigeon, but rather the result of a special sort of imaginary natural selection. Full of daring individuality, they are transformational shape-shifters, each fashioned according to the artist’s own desire for beauty and aesthetic pleasure.

Exhibition opens: 1pm Saturday 15 March 2014
Exhibition closes: 29 March 2014
Location: Flinders Lane Gallery, 137 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact: 03 9654 3332

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