Judith White: Slipstream paintings - Art Collector

Judith White, The Descendants. Mixed media on canvas, 90 x 120cm

Judith White’s paintings explore a sense of chaos and energy within the Australian landscape. Each composition contains elements that interact, collide or spontaneously coalesce across the rich, tactile surface of the canvas. The viewer is immersed within spaces that have a sense of moving air or water, juxtaposed with luminous washes that create a stillness at once meditative and visually reflective. A sense of regeneration and transition is evident as human form and fragments of landscape merge and shift.

Opening: 6-8pm Thursday 14 June
Exhibition closes: 1 July 2012
Location: Beaver Galleries, 81 Denison Street, Deakin 2600
Contact: 02 6282 5294
Email: mail@beavergalleries.com.au

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