Julia deVille: Wholeness and the Implicate Order - Art Collector

Julia deVille, ‘Rocking Alpaca’, 2014. Baby alpaca, sterling silver, white rhodium, black rhodium, 18ct white gold, antique pearls, chainmail, ostrich feathers, cockerel feathers, glass, oak, 127 x 120 x 18 cm. Courtesy: the artist and Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne. Photo: Terence Bogue.

To celebrate Linden New Art’s return to its St Kilda home, the gallery will present a major solo exhibition of new work by Australian artist Julia deVille. The renowned jeweller and taxidermist will explore the world of holography and VR in her first solo exhibition since 2014.

For ‘Wholeness and the Implicit Order’, deVille will create an immersive environment using sound, smell and optical illusion, as she reimagines the original Victorian rooms of the gallery. This will be deVille's largest installation to date. By using technology, deVille hopes to engage her viewers in an exploration of consciousness and reality. She wishes to open up a conversation about the implicit interconnectedness of all things and the importance of treating all life with respect; beliefs that form the core of her practice.

Exhibition opens: 10am–12pm Saturday 25 August 2018
Exhibition closes: 4 November 2018
Location: Linden New Art, 26 Acland Street, St Kilda VIC
Website: lindenarts.org/home
Phone: +61 3 9534 0099
Email: gallery@lindenarts.org


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