Julia Morison: Omnium Gatherum - Art Collector

Julia Morison, Omnium Gatherum, 016, 2015, mixed media on laminate, 600 x 900mm, Image courtesy of the artist and Two Rooms. Courtesy: the artist and Two Rooms Gallery, Auckland

Julia Morison’s show at Two Rooms, Omnium Gatherum, features works including paintings, drawings and digital prints. Across canvas, paper and pressed polyurethane supports, fine lines demarcate fantastical contraptions, organic shapes and geometric patterns. Inspired by the recent craze for adult colouring-in books, several pieces are akin to cloisonné where strong black outlines host jewels of colour within their borders. A group of larger canvas works show the use of crackling paint, and there is a sense of vibrancy, delicacy, and originality that consistently stamps itself on Morison’s work, and on all the pieces that comprise Omnium Gatherum.

Exhibition opens: 6pm Thursday 21 April 2016
Exhibition closes: 28 May 2015
Location: Two Rooms, 16 Putiki Street, Newton Auckland NZContact: +64 9 360 5900
Email: info@tworooms.co.nz

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