Julian Hooper: Blind Love - Art Collector

Julian Hooper, Ghost, 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 40 × 36cm. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery 9, Sydney.

In Blind Love, Julian Hooper returns to portraiture, a subject he explored previously in the historically themed Liliu and Future’s Counsel series. Hooper’s portraits emerge out of highly reduced configurations of abstract shapes and motifs. In this exhibition, he transfers the linear style of his drawings to painting, preferring simple black washes and the cream of unprimed canvas to the more intricate and colourful layering of past work. Hooper also introduces an element of collage, with pieces of painted canvas adhered to the front and sides of the supports. The graphic construction of the work frees the picture of painterly nuance and exploits the reductive simplicity of drawing.

Exhibition opens: 6pm-8pm, Wednesday 19 April 2017
Exhibition closes: 13 May 2017
Location: Gallery 9, 9 Darley Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW
Contact: +61 2 9380 9909
Email: scott@gallery9.com.au

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