Julian Meagher: As a matter of fact - Art Collector

Julian Meagher, Orchis, 2012. Oil on linen, 71 x 54cm. Courtesy: the artist and The Art Vault

In this show Meagher continues his take on the binary nature of modern day masculinity. As Norman Mailer points out, masculinity is not something given, but something gained. It is through Meagher's work that these “small battles"” are undertaken; they are a performance of masculinity, continued and pursued. With a painting style that adopts oil paints, and executes them as though they were watercolours, we are presented with field studies that create a portal through which we may contemplate instances of cultural reckoning.
Opening: 6pm-7pm, Wednesday 15 August 2012
Exhibition closes: 3 September 2012
Location: The Art Vault, 43 Deakin Avenue, Mildura VIC
Contact: 03 5022 0907
Email: info@theartvault.com.au

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