Julie Brooke and Susan Buret: Triangulation - Art Collector

  Susan Buret, Butterfly Baby, 2015,. Vinyl on mdf, 55 x 45cm. Courtesy: the artist and Gallerysmith Project Space

   Triangulation refers to a dialogue between Brooke and Buret that not only concerns the geometric forms with which they work, but also the mathematical process of using two fixed points to determine a new, unknown value. Working two hundred kilometers apart, this dialogue often takes the form of intuitive responses to ideas expressed in emails and conversations, as well as looking at and responding to works in progress.

In the summer of 2014, Brooke and Buret began making work using the colours and forms of butterflies. Brooke’s paintings arose from a collaboration with applied mathematicians who analyse complex structures inside butterfly wing scales, while Buret’s work was informed by her observations of Blue Jewel butterflies, Hypochrysops delicia, in her garden. Using the shared visual language of grids and geometric forms, Brooke and Buret explore the possibilities of tapestry, painting and modular constructions to establish the third point of the triangle.

Exhibition opens: 2-4pm Saturday 6 June 2015
Exhibition closes: 12 June 2015
Location: Gallerysmith Project Space, Level 1, 170 Abbotsford Street North Melbourne VIC 3051

Contact: 03 9329 1860
Email: gsprojectspace@gmail.com

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