Justine Varga: Accumulate - Art Collector

Caption: © Justine Varga Exit, 2014/2015. Type C hand print, 122 x 98.5cm.

From the subtlest explorations of tone to rich explosions of colour and pattern, Justine Varga’s series Accumulate (2014/2015) expands our expectations of photographic abstraction. Some prints accumulate dense layers through multiple exposures. Others are camera-less photographs - exposed for months at a time. In intriguing ways, each captures the artist’s life during a 2014 London studio residency. The negatives are inflected with her aesthetic sensibility and her autobiography. They accumulate performative gestures, private spaces and personal experiences of time.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Wednesday 2 September 2015
Exhibition closes: 3 October 2015
Location: Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell St Paddington NSW 2021

Contact: 02 9331 7775
Email: info@stillsgallery.com.au

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