Justine Varga: Memoire - Art Collector

Justine Varga, Venom, 2016, from Memoire, c type photograph, 143 x 109.6 cm, edition of 5. Courtesy: the artist and Hugo Michell Gallery, Beulah Park

  Justine Varga’s ‘Memoire’ is a series of cameraless photographs that sit at the edge of forgetfulness. The product of a duration of bodily actions (in which film was drawn on, handled, scratched, weathered and printed from) each mark, action and moment slips into the next. Through these photographs, we gain access to an impossible architecture of time that continually embeds the past within the present. Their palimpsestic quality – where a drawn layer submits to, is subsumed by, the laying down of yet another – manifests the act of remembering as a kind of magic writing pad. These are the elements embodied as and in ‘Memoire’: a bruised skin of emulsion supported by a fragile armature of memory.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Thursday 8 September 2016
Exhibition closes: 8 September 2016
Location: Hugo Michell Gallery, 260 Portrush Road, Beulah Park SA 5067
Contact: 08 8331 8000
Email: mail@hugomichellgallery.com

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