Kaldor Public Art Projects announces Marina Abramovic in Residence - Art Collector

Portrait of Marina Abramovic, © Nils Müller and Wertical, 2014

Kaldor Public Art Projects has announced a major new project with renowned performance artist Marina Abramovic that will take place at Sydney’s Walsh Bay in June this year.

For Project 30, the artist is set to create a new transformative public art experience over the period of 12 days, conducting a series of exercises from the Abramovic Method that are intended to open and expand the potential creativity of those who participate, to engage directly with visitors.

The exhibition follows on from her exhibition 512 Hours, which was presented at London’s Serpentine Galleries mid last year.

Abramovic’s innovative career has spanned four-decades, during which she has explored the shifting roles of artist and audience by placing her physical self at the forefront of her contemporary art practice.

On the new project, Abramovic said: “We constantly like to be entertained, to get things from outside. We never take time to get in touch with ourselves … My function in this new kind of performance situation is to show you, through the Abramovic Method, what you can do for yourself. I wanted to make this big change because I understood that actually you can’t get any experience by me doing it for you…”

Director of Kaldor Public Art Projects John Kaldor said that the project “will be the first exhibition of its kind in Australia. It offers an incredible and rare opportunity for the public to experience firsthand the work of this important artist and to be part of the evolution of her practice.”

Marina Abramovic: In Residence opens 24 June 2015 at Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay, Sydney.
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Emily Cones-Browne

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