Kaliman + Reid = ? - Art Collector

28 September 2010 | Well known Sydney gallerists Michael Reid and Vasili Kaliman will join forces next year and open a new gallery, probably in the Potts Point area. Kaliman, the former director of Kaliman Gallery which shut its doors in March this year, says the new business will be “a secondary market dealership which specialises in Australian, Aboriginal and international works of art from 1980 onwards.”

He continues: “At this stage Michael intends on running his gallery and at the same time it doesn’t preclude me reopening my [own] gallery.” The new gallery will be called Kaliman + Reid.

The two hope they will fill a gap in the current secondary art market. Kaliman says “there are galleries that service the market dealing in works from colonial art to the 1950s and 1960s; that sector is very well serviced in Australia already. The area we are going into is pretty well unserviced at the moment. There are collectors who have purchased works in the 1980s, 1990s and early this decade and what we are doing is offering [them] an opportunity to move those works on.”

By forming this business are they taking on the auctions houses? “No we are not going to be taking on the auction houses, because we are not auctioneers. Auctions for contemporary works of art may not be the best form for them to be resold,” says Kaliman. Kaliman and Reid also intend to host specially curated shows of contemporary or Aboriginal work. Both are accustomed to flying solo but Kaliman says they are looking forward to collaboration. “We’ve been friends for about 15 years and started Art Month together. It’s a very natural and organic progression for us to open up a business together.”

Helen McKenzie

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