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Rita Rolley, Double Tank, 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40cm. Courtesy: the artist and Kaltjiti Arts SA

Kaltjiti Arts is a community-based art centre located in the Kaltjiti Community at Fregon on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in the far north of South Australia. It was established in 1961 as an outstation of the Ernabella mission and when the Anangu women moved to the new settlement, they brought their art and craft skills with them.

A central hub of the community, the art centre services Fregon and Watinuma Community member artists. Language in Fregon is influenced by both Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara.

The name Kaltjiti refers to a men’s sacred site west of Fregon, but this is not painted nor referred to in general conversation.

Kaltjiti artists work across various mediums and are known for their individual and eclectic styles. Matjangka Norris’s dynamic Minyma Mamu figures are in total contrast to Taylor Cooper’s traditional tjukurpa painting of Malara, as are Kathy Maringka’s Wildflowers, for which there is a waiting list. Works are included in both private and public collections. The National Gallery of Victoria, National Museum of Australia, Flinders University Art Museum, Gallery of South Australia and the Berndt Collection all hold work from Kaljiti artists.

Historically, from the early 1970s, batik was the major medium. The tradition of fibre goes back to when human hair was spun and used for ceremonial items. The modern version of material is developed by putting images on to fabric through batik, screen-printing, silk painting and tye-dying. It continues on into 2015 with digitally printed images on fabric.

Participating in regional projects with other APY Lands art centres is always exciting, as is the Kulata tjuta project in conjunction with Tjala Arts, for which the Kaltjiti men contributed spears.

The book
Painting the Song: Kaltjiti Artists, written by Diana James in conjunction with the artists, was published in 2009 by McCulloch and McCulloch. More than just an art book, it gives a history of the art movement in the APY Lands, cultural references as well as the art and artists stories.

Current artists

  • List of current artists
  • Taylor Cooper
  • Witjiti George
  • Beverley Cameron
  • Kathy Maringka
  • Imitjala Curley
  • Tjangili George
  • Gladys Roberts
  • Joanne Roberts
  • Matjangka (Nyukana) Norris
  • Purki Edwards
  • Tjayangka (Antjala) Robin
  • Arnie Frank
  • Rita Rolley
  • Stephen Pompey
  • Kanytjupai Robin
  • Mantuwa George
  • Delma Forbes
  • Kirsty Michael
  • Joanne Ken
  • Carolanne Ken
  • Adam Tunkin
  • Christine Brown
  • Ingrid Treacle
  • Meredith Treacle
  • Carol Stevens
  • Imitjala Curley
  • Tjangili George

Commercial gallery partners

  • ReDot Gallery Singapore
  • Talapi Gallery Alice Springs
  • Art Kelch Freiburg Germany
  • Tandanya Gallery, Adelaide
  • Paul Johnstone Gallery Darwin
  • The Gallery Shop, Sydney
  • Aboriginal Signature – Estrangin Fine Art Belgium
  • Raft Art Space Alice Springs
  • Tunbridge Gallery Subiaco and Margaret River
  • McCulloch and McCulloch, Melbourne

Access information

Visitors are welcome to Kaltjiti Arts by arrangement. Permits are required when visiting Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands and information regarding these permits can be obtained via the art centre or the APY website>
Visitors will need to contact the art centre prior to visiting.

Kaltjiti Arts
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