Karl Maughan: Arcadia - Art Collector

Karl Maughan, Belleknowes, 2013. Courtesy: the artist and Milford Galleries, New Zealand

According to Greek mythology, Arcadia was the home of Pan, the god of the wild, and in the exhibition of the same name Karl Maughan’s new paintings exhibit an exuberance of colour and texture that is kept in check by the painter’s careful composition. The composite garden-scapes depicted by Maughan do not exist in reality but come from the imagination of the artist. Using a palette of jewel-like hues, he paints flowers and foliage as they would be in an eternal garden in bright, full bloom, untouched by time or decay; cultivated facades hiding a wild beauty.

Opening: 5.30pm Friday 5 July 2013
Exhibition closes: 31 July 2013
Location: Milford Galleries, 18 Dowling Street, Dunedin NZ 9054
Contact: +64 3 477 7727
Email: info@milfordhouse.co.nz

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