Karlee Rawkins: Lucky Catch - Art Collector

Karlee Rawkins, White Bellied Sea Eagle. Acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 122 x 137cm. Courtesy: the artist and Anthea Polson Art, Main Beach

Because birds can fly, they have been seen in folkloric traditions as mediators between Heaven and Earth. Flight connotes the imagination as well as freedom from the restrictions of the earthbound world. "In many fables, birds of prey are regarded as having special powers," says artist Karlee Rawkins. "It was believed that great solar birds could look directly into the sun without turning away, a capacity symbolic of being able to directly face an issue, acknowledge it and address what needs to be done for the self and others."

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm, Saturday 27 February 2016
Exhibition closes: 12 March 2016
Location: Anthea Polson Art, 18-20 Mariners Cove, 60-70 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, QLD, 4217
Contact: 07 5561 1166
Email: info@antheapolsonart.com.au

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