Karungkarni Art - Art Collector

Kathleen Sambo, Lamawurt, 2014. Courtesy: the artist and Karungkarni Art, Northern Territory

Karungkarni Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation is a vital hub where people of all ages gather to create artworks, screen prints and woodcarvings. It is seen as a place for young people to learn the cultural knowledge, ceremony and history from their elders. It is proudly owned and governed by the artists of the neighbouring communities of Kalkarindji and Daguragu.

The name of the art centre, Karungkarni, refers to the Child Dreaming place for the Gurindji people, a sacred site imbued with procreative powers. It is represented by two rocks on a hill to the south of the art centre, one male child and one female child.

Most residents of Kalkarindji and Daguragu belong to the Gurindji language group. There are other language groups represented in the community including Malngin, Ngaryman, Mudpurra, Bilinara and Warlpiri. The combined population of Kalkarindji/ Daguragu is approximately 600 people.

Karungkarni is also home to a collection of heritage memorabilia, historical photographs and archival films, which portray the history and culture of the Gurindji people. In particular, there is information about the iconic political stand against oppression and for Aboriginal land rights for which the Gurindji people are renowned: the 1966 Wave Hill Walk Off.

Artworks from Karungkarni exhibit a uniquely fine dot style of painting with rich colour. The paintings typically are based on the traditional designs of the region and include themes related to resources such as bush food and bush medicine as well as Dreaming stories, which have been passed down to the artists from their ancestors. The senior artists also make a highly prized range of handcarved wooden artefacts including coolamon, boomerang and nullanulla.

Current artists

  • Biddy Wavehill
  • Cecelia Edwards
  • Connie Ngarmeiye
  • Dylan Miller
  • Ena Oscar
  • Jimmy Wavehill
  • Kathleen Sambo
  • Leah Leaman
  • Merrilyn Frith
  • Michael Rockman
  • Narelle Morris
  • Pauline Ryan
  • Phyllis Johnson
  • Rachael Morris
  • Richard Long
  • Rosemary Johnson
  • Sarah Oscar
  • Theresa Yibwoin
  • Timothy Vincent
  • Violet Wadrill

Access information

Opening hours are 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday. A permit is not required to visit the art centre in Kalkarindji, however visitors are advised to phone 0427 177 779 prior to visiting, as the centre may be closed for cultural reasons or when artists are attending events elsewhere.

Karungkarni Art
Victoria River Region / Northern Tanami Desert
Lot 77 Buntine Highway
Kalkarindji NT 0852

0427 177 779