Kate Rohde: Ornamental Crimes - Art Collector

Kate Rhode, Mutant kitten vase, 2015. Resin. 31 x 64 x 15cm. Courtesy: the artist and Karen Woodbury Gallery.

Kate Rohde’s collection of zoomorphic sculptures create a fantastical environment; hyperactive and hyper-detailed. Animals and plants become spectacles of human desire as mankind trumps nature in an immersive space filled with cast-resin furniture, elaborate vessels, mounted heads and psychedelic wall treatment. Inspiration for is drawn from the legacy of Baroque and Rococo art and design, a lavish aesthetic belonging to a former aristocratic order. Kate Rohde’s exuberant re-imagining of late classical ornamentation is met with direct opposition in her extensive use of modern materials such as resins, fluorescent dyes and synthetic fibres. Rohde’s materials are masterfully combined in kaleidoscopic fashion which completely immerses the viewer.

Exhibition opens: 6pm-8pm Thursday 18 August 2016
Location: Karen Woodbury Gallery, Level 1/167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Contact: + 61 (3) 3639 5855
Email: info@kwgallery.com
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