Kathrin Longhurst: Protagonist - Art Collector

Kathrin Longhurst, ‘Under the Armour’, 2018. Oil on canvas, 90 x 90cm. Courtesy: the artist and Nanda\Hobbs, Chippendale

  ‘Protagonist’ is an exhibition that delivers its message in a playful way, yet ideologically nuclear in its motherload of social commentary. It is an exhibition that speaks to a world that struggles with identity – not only from the nationalist point of view – but with male/female ideology.  Join the artist for a discussion of the show on Saturday, 16 June from 2–3pm.

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm, Thursday 14 June 2018
Exhibition closes: 30 June 2018
Location: Nanda\Hobbs, 12–14 Meagher St, Chippendale NSW
Website: nandahobbs.com
Phone: +61 2 8599 8000
Email: info@nandahobbs.com


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