Kevin Maritz: CAROUSEL - Art Collector

Kevin Maritz, untitled, 2015. Bronze, 25 x 18 x 12cm. Courtesy: the artist and MARS Gallery, Windsor
  Individually each of Kevin Maritz’s sculptures stand as the result of many playful and risky adjustments and much wilful disassembling – each form, first built with foam and plasticine then ultimately cast in bronze. They remain generally small (in relation to our own bodies), but as such encourage intimacy and a close inspection. And when we do, we find that the silhouette is surprisingly variable as we move around each figure – often evoking a balanced anatomy at one moment, only to flip into the more fragmented, asymmetrical and abstracted. The fracturing of some limbs and the exaggerated bending and twisting of torso’s reminds us of the body’s limits ‘in extremis’ – this registering as much emotionally as physically.

Opens: 3-5pm Saturday 15 August 2015
Exhibition closes: 5 September 2015
Location: Mars Gallery, 7 James Street, Windsor VIC 3181
Contact: 03 9521 7517

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