Khaled Sabsabi: Organised Confusion - Art Collector

Khaled Sabsabi, Organised Confusion (still), 2014. 8 channel HD video installation, audio, wax dye on hand made wood mask. Courtesy of Khaled Sabsabi and Milani Gallery, Brisbane. Image courtesy of Carriageworks, photographer Zan Wimberley.

Organised Confusion explores the socio-political construction of the mass demonstration and dance as heightened states of consciousness and fanaticism. It looks at very different modes as carefully orchestrated movements and displays, carried out en masse and by individuals. The work reveals parallels between induced heightened psychological states and common ways in which people behave physically.

Exhibition opens: 21 April 2018
Exhibition closes: 1 July 2018
Location: Mosman Art Gallery, 1 Art Gallery Way, Mosman
Contact: 02 9978 4186
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