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Mary Teresa Tailor, Aru, 2014. Natural ochre on canvas, 100 x 140cm. Courtesy: the artist and Kira Kiro Art Centre, Western Australia

Kira Kiro Art Centre was established in 2009 as a physical embodiment of the community’s interest in creating art and sharing ideas. Located in Kalamburu on the banks of King Edward River in the far north of the Kimberley region, north west of Wyndham, Western Australia, Kira Kiro Art Centre was developed with ongoing assistance from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts in the neighbouring community of Kununurra.

The centre’s name comes from the Kira Kiro figures depicted in the rock art of the region. They are important figures in the law of the Kalumburu region.

The art centre places emphasis on supporting traditional skills such as bark harvesting, ochre painting and storytelling. Many of the artists are highly influenced by the region’s rich rock art. Their artwork is unique in its depiction of Wandjinas, Kira Kiro spirits and animals as they were painted on rock walls and caves for thousands of years.

Important senior artists such as Mary Punchi Clement and Betty Bundamurra are well known for their wealth of knowledge and intricate depiction of the region’s flora and fauna and their associated Dreaming stories.

Given the remote location, the art centre operates with ongoing assistance from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts. Waringarri is currently responsible for the day to day operation of Kira Kiro. The organisation assists in the coordination of community grants and is responsible for the employment of staff to manage the centre.

Current artists

  • Mary Punchi Clement
  • Betty Bundamurra
  • Mary Teresa Tailor
  • Mercy Fredericks
  • Lily Karadada
  • Gwen Clarke
  • Sonia Clement
  • Cindy Clement
  • Amanda Waina
  • Roslyn Karadada
  • Regina Karadada
  • Mary Undalghumen
  • Lawrence Waina

Access Information

Kalumburu can only be accessed by gravel road from March to September. There is light aircraft access from Kununurra or Wyndham all year round via the airstrip at Kalumburu – a one and a half hour flight from either town.

Online shop

Viewing and purchasing is availabe online via the Waringarri Aboriginal Arts website.

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