Kāryn Taylor: New Geometries - Art Collector

  Karyn Taylor, Linear Time Loop, 2015. Acrylic, 42 x 150 x 50cm. Courtesy: the artist and Sanderson Contemporary Art.

Kāryn Taylor's work uses fluorescent colour to create the illusion of projected light - without any electrical power source. This visual trickery makes her works tremendously difficult to photograph and reproduce, so we encourage you to visit the exhibition and experience the magic of these works in person. The viewer is required to engage (unknowingly) with concepts bridging a trajectory between the existential fundamentals of metaphysics and quantum physics.

Exhibition opens: 5.30pm Tuesday 21 July 2015
Exhibition closes: 9 August 2015
Location: Sanderson Contemporary Art, 2-4 Kent Street Auckland New Zealand 1023

Contact: +62 9520 0501
Email: jane@sanderson.co.nz

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