Kylie Banyard: Dwelling - Art Collector

Kylie Banyard, Homage to Drop City #2, 2012. Oil on canvas, 40.6 x 50.8cm. Courtesy: the artist and Galerie pompom, Sydney.

Dwelling explores the idea of staging alternatives - other ways of seeing and living. For Banyard, the commune symbolises an otherworldly place, and the romanticism she imposes upon these places is integral to their construction. These works are about the idea and not the reality of living on the land; they centre on Banyard's fascination with D.I.Y owner-builder dwellings typical to communal settlements. Similarly, her nostalgic attraction to out-of-date optical devices, like peep-boxes, faceted lenses and kaleidoscopes, focuses less on technological advancement and more on reinventing those simple manual technologies that have long fallen into disuse.

Opening: 6-8pm Tuesday 15 May
Exhibition closes: 9 June 2012
Location: Galerie pompom, 2/39 Abercrombie Street Chippendale 2008
Contact: 0430 318 438

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