Lin Onus: Yinya Wala - Art Collector

Fish at Malwan, 1996, Synthetic polymer paint on canvas,182 x 182 cm. Courtesy the artist and Mossgreen.

Mossgreen Gallery is delighted to invite you to experience the lyrical beauty of Lin Onus’s landscapes in the touring exhibition, Yinya Wala. The exhibition features eighteen works which display the artist’s sensitive and sophisticated blending of traditional Indigenous design and Western art aesthetics. Lin Onus was one of the most successful and influential Australian Indigenous artists of his generation who created unique and powerful artworks that impacted on a wide cross-cultural and political arena, both within Australia and internationally.

‘I kind of hope that history may see me as some sort of bridge between cultures…’

Lin Onus 1990

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 8 October 2016
Exhibition closes: 30 October 2016
Location: 36-40 Queen Street, Woollhara, NSW
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