Linda Holloway: Theoria - Art Collector

Linda Holloway, SO 323 (The way light falls), 2015. Enamacryl on canvas, 200 x 200cm. Courtesy: the artist and Sanderson Contemporary Art.

Linda Holloway’s latest paintings refuse to stay still. Huge grids of metallic and matte squares respond and react to light, appearing to shimmer and shift as you approach them. Reminiscent of colour field paintings, her work creates visual environments that absorb us as we move closer, filling our whole field of vision with a gentle hum of tonal harmonies that Holloway likens to visual music.

Exhibition opens: 5.30pm Tuesday 29 September 2015
Exhibition closes: Sunday 11 October 2015
Location: Sanderson Contemporary Art, 2-4 Kent Street Auckland New Zealand 1023
Contact: +62 9520 0501
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