Lisa Roet: Moment In Time - Art Collector

Lisa Roet, Untitled, 2018, bronze, 62 x 40 x 52 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Hugo Michell Gallery, SA.  For over two decades Lisa Roet has won acclaim in Australia and internationally for her powerful investigations into the complex interface between humans and our simian relatives.

Bathing Snow Monkeys (Japanese Macaque) have been cited in recent scientific journals for exhibiting learned evolutionary behaviour. Bathing for these monkeys only began after observing humans in man-made pools at a resort in the 1960s. Roet's sculptures depict a glowing surface, achieved though a complex heating process, mimicking the effect that the hot springs have on the colour of the monkeys faces. For Roet, these works represent a fleeting moment in time, where a touch and a movement communicates the shared human condition.

Exhibition Opens:
6pm-8pm, Thursday 3 May 2018
Exhibition Closes
: 2 June 2018
Hugo Michell Gallery, 260 Portrush Road, Beulah Park 5067
08 8331 8000
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