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Lisa Roet, Bokito...When I laugh, he laughs with me!, 2014. Bronze, 52 x 60 x 44cm. Courtesy: the artist and Karen Woodbury Gallery

Lisa Roet’s exhibition When I laugh, he laughs with me will present a range of new works that expand upon her investigations into the complex interface between humans and our simian relatives. Employing her signature bronze, photographic and drawing practice – as well as her new use of echocardiogram and MRI images.

Roet draws her inspiration from a myriad of sources including residencies at major international zoos, field study of apes living in the forests of Borneo and most recently, the artists own heart surgery. Her multidisciplinary approach challenges the fundamental theories relating to evolution and creationism, language and communication, science and art.

With the ape as her muse, Roet encourages us to reflect with prevailing attitudes towards these relatives with whom we share 98% of our DNA – the lingering anxiety with our evolutionary past; our use of apes for scientific and entertainment purposes; the way in which we project onto apes our own fantasies and culture, while at the same time assuming they are somehow inferior. Inspired loosely by the real-life relationship between a gorilla and female spectator at the Rotterdam Zoo-and betraying the obvious affinities with the story of King Kong immortalised by Hollywood – the latest body of work is arguably among the artist’s most compelling yet, exploring biological, cultural and visual parallels between the ape/human heart, notions of love and the ‘physicality’ of romance.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Wednesday 19 November 2014
Exhibition closes: 20 December 2014
Location: Karen Woodbury Gallery, Level 1/167 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000
Contact: 03 9639 5855

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