Lisa Roet sculpture gifted to Adelaide Zoo - Art Collector

Computer generated image of Lisa Roet's Chimpanzee Finger in situ. Courtesy: Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide

21 June 2011 | Lisa Roet’s sculpture Chimpanzee Finger has been donated to the Adelaide Zoo.

The sculpture now sits in the zoo’s entrance forecourt. It was unveiled earlier this month by the famous primate expert Jane Goodall.

"For me, it's huge, it's like meeting my childhood hero," Roet told the Adelaide Advertiser. “When I was about 10 or 11, I was reading one of her books – I was fascinated by chimpanzees and her research. I wanted to go and study primatology or zoology but I did very badly in physics."

The sculpture was donated to the zoo by Paul and Bronwyn Smith.

Jane O'Sullivan

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