Lizzie Buckmaster Dove: Pool - The Alchemy of Blue - Art Collector

Lizzie Buckmaster Dove, New moon, Coledale rock platform, 15 October 2012. Courtesy: the artist

For five years Lizzie Buckmaster Dove has been walking a daily beach route finding and pocketing fragments of the Coledale sea pool that have broken away and washed onto the beach. Using these and larger pieces acquired during the pools’ renovation, Pool - The Alchemy of Blue references the circle of the moon and the pools’ tidal nature. Fragments of broken pool reappear battered and sea-washed among sand and rocks, reminding us that the sea is wearing and that every thing returns to the elemental. Pool - The Alchemy of Blue is not about ruin, but about transformation.

At different cycles of the tide and particular phases of the moon, Buckmaster Dove is constructing variations of a circle moon on the rock platform beside the pool. A new full moon construction will take place during the exhibition on Saturday 25 May 2013.

Opening: 6pm Friday 12 April 2013
Exhibition closes: 16 June 2013
Location: Wollongong City Gallery, cnr Kembla and Bureli Streets, Wollongong NSW 2500
Contact: 02 4228 7500

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