Lonnie Hutchinson: Window Dressing - Art Collector

Lonnie Hutchinson, ‘You never know dear’, 2018. Builders paper and pins, 120 x 70cm. Courtesy: the artist and Bartley + Company Art, Wellington.

  In this exhibition, Lonnie plays with notions of windows and drapes and what we see and don’t see. Continuing with her signature cut-out works in black builders paper, and the interaction of positive and negative forms, she has created a fresh range of motifs - geometric, architectural, botanical and natural - to create works that speak to deep connections of genealogy, place and history.

Disrupting materially and conceptually, foundational concepts of painting as a window on a world, her layered window dressings suggest metaphysical landscapes and imaginary gardens that include the sun, stars and - with the employment of the poutama tukutuku pattern -stairways to the heavens.

Exhibition opens: 5.30-7.30pm, Tuesday 10 July, 2018
Exhibition closes: 11 August, 2018
Location: Bartley + Company Art, 56A Ghuznee St, Wellington, New Zealand
Website: bartleyandcompanyart.co.nz
Phone +64 4802 4622
Email: info@bartleyandcompanyart.co.nz


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