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29 August 2011 | Melanie Flynn, a former gallery manager at Karen Woodbury Gallery, is opening a new project space in Richmond, Melbourne.

Called Lowrise Projects, the gallery will open on 9 September 2011 with an exhibition of embroidery works by Adelaide artist Sera Waters.

Flynn, together with her partner Jeremy Smart, also runs a company called Artsphere, which builds websites for artists. They were looking for an office space for the company when they came across a small warehouse space in Richmond. Flynn, who has 10 years’ experience in the visual arts, immediately saw the potential.

She hopes the small scale of the 30 square metre space will give artists the freedom to be more experimental and innovative without the burden of having to fill a large venue. The gallery will not represent artists but instead work on a project-to-project basis. Most will be emerging artists.

Sera Waters’s exhibition
CavernLight will run from 9 September to 8 October 2011 at Lowrise Projects, Level 1/32 Wangaratta Street, Richmond.

Jane O'Sullivan

Above: Sera Waters, Welcome Stranger. Courtesy: the artist and Lowrise Projects, Melbourne

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