Lucas Grogan: Cave Painting - Art Collector

Lucas Grogan, Cave Lady 9. 2012. Ink on paper
42 x 29.5cm

Necessity drove the first peoples from around the world into caves. A ready-made sanctuary that provided shelter from forces, both meteorological and predatory. We retreat to the bed or home in much the same way. Caves become invitational spaces where the uninitiated or unfamiliar will not enter. Within these caves, removed from wider society, we provide ourselves with the opportunity to abstract our thoughts. Our secret fears and desires manifest not in accurate portrayals, but rather they are reduced to their core elements of attraction and repulsion. These depictions conflate external references with instinctive modes of representations which produce fragmented pieces of a larger narrative.

Opening drinks: 6-8pm Friday 27 July
Location: Gallerysmith, 170-174 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne 3051
Contact: 03 9329 1860

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