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18 April 2011 | Painter and sculptor Guan Wei is the subject of a major museum solo exhibition in Shenzhen, China which will open at the end of the month.

The exhibition will be staged at the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, which is near Hong Kong. It has been given the title Spellbound, an allusion to the way people and civilisations can run in circles and be bound to their fates.

Taking this theme of circles even further, Wei is presenting a series of curved walls which will be arranged as three rings. The first ring deals with ancient creation myths, and the stars and constellations of the night sky, the second represents the lands, seas and islands of the world and the third bears an array of spiritual markers, from divination marks to DNA codes – representing in turn heaven, earth and mankind.

The exhibition opens 30 April and continues until 15 June 2011.

Jane O'Sullivan

Above: Guan Wei on the cover of issue 20 of Australian Art Collector magazine. Photo: Christina Ueltzen

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