Makinti Napanangka receives AM - Art Collector

21 June 2011 | Painter Makinti Napanangka has been posthumously named a Member of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday honours.

The award recognises Napanangka as a respected community member, senior Pintupi cultural custodian and matriarch to her extended family.

Foremost, she is identified as a highly esteemed artist and a leading figure in the emergence of women painters of the Western Desert art movement.

Papunya Tula Artists’ general manager Paul Sweeney reflects: “History will remember her as a seminal artist and one that elevated and improved, not just her own life, but that of her entire family and to a large extent her whole community.”

Jacqueline Nakamarra adds: “I am happy for my mother. I’m happy. When Napanangka painted she was laughing and smiling. Dancing and telling stories about the early days. I am happy for people to see and know her paintings and country. She painted stories about Lupul and the time when she was young. When she painted - telling the story for Lupul, she would laugh. She was happy and laughing when she was painting in Kintore at Papunya Tula. She worried about her granddaughters and grandsons. We can see all of the paintings and this [award] makes us feel happy and proud for her.”

Painter Richard Larter was also recognised in the Queen’s Birthday honours. He received a Medal of the Order of Australia.

Jane O'Sullivan

Above: Makinti Napanangka with her NATSIAA winning work. Courtesy: Papunya Tula

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