Maryanne Coutts: Saturated Solitude - Art Collector

Maryanne Coutts, ‘Pearls’, 2018. Watercolour on kozo paper, 40 x 60cm. Courtesy: the artist and Australian Galleries, Melbourne.

‘Saturated Solitude’ presents a new series of works on paper by renowned painter Maryanne Coutts. Coutt’s powerful and evocative works capture the ebb and flow on the collective human experience.

Fluid, gestural brushstrokes echo the rhythm and jostle the masses. Figures emerge and recede from the rich gradients of colour and tone. Ambiguous bounderies between one form and another lead the viewer to contemplate the nature of communal existence.
Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Tuesday 25 September 2018
Exhibition closes: 14 October 2018
Location: Australian Galleries, 35 Derby St, Collingwood, VIC
Phone: + 61 3 9417 4303


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