Matt Arbuckle: Structures of Viewing - Art Collector

Matt Arbuckle, Stratified Sample, 2016. Oil on board
80 x 60cm. Courtesy: the artist and Tim Melville Gallery

An exhibition featuring the works of Matt Arbuckle.

"I often feel like I am working out space in paintings – a constant push and pull, always coming back to the surface. There is a lot of scumble and drag, scratching and dry-brushing. I always try to challenge myself to make paintings that are stripped back and have room to breathe. I’m interested in the tension created by having somewhere for the eye to sit before moving back into more gestural and immediate marks … a resting place before jumping back into the party."

Exhibition opens: 6pm Tuesday 5 July 2016
Location: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester St, Newton, Auckland NZ
Contact: +64 21 300 893

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