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Matthew Sleeth, Page 49191. Installation view. Courtesy: the artist

2 May 2011 | Matthew Sleeth has been invited to be a part of a New York group exhibition at the Flux Factory called the The typhoon continues and so do you.

For the exhibition, artists were asked to dwell on the artefacts of war and how their original purposes can be changed through integration into wider society.

Sleeth, who now spends his time between New York and Melbourne, has contributed a kinetic sculptural piece titled
Page 49191.

His work appears alongside that of Vahap Avsar, Nick Fevelo, Yevgeniy Fiks, Gregory Green, Harvey Loves Harvey, Pablo Helguera and Yael Kanarek.

The exhibition has been curated by Elizabeth Larison, Douglas Paulson, Ginger Shulick, Chen Tamir and Christina Vassallo.

Jane O'Sullivan

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