Melbourne Art Fair reports success - Art Collector

10 August 2010 | The biennial Melbourne Art Fair, which closed Sunday 8 August 2010, generated over $11 million in artwork sales, a decrease from the $12.1 achieved in 2008.

Despite the drop, organisers are reporting a successful edition of the fair. Director Bronwyn Johnson and foundation chairman William Nuttall are “delighted” with results, particularly in the context of the recent financial downturn and uncertainty over Cooper Review recommendations on super art.

Johnson was also encouraged to see artwork sales increase 56% by volume.

With 76% of works selling for $10,000 or less, it seems that although galleries were selling more work, it was at the more affordable end of the spectrum.

Attendance at the 2010 Melbourne Art Fair remained steady, matching the 30,000 achieved in 2008.

Australian Art Collector will publish the results of its Melbourne Art Fair visitor poll along with full coverage of the fair in next week’s online news.

Jane O'Sullivan