Melissa Egan: Utopia - Art Collector

  Melissa Egan, He Wore His Heart On His Sling. Oil on linen, 76 x 76cm. Courtesy: the artist and Anthea Polson Art.

Utopia is an imagined place in which everything is perfect – an Eden or ‘happy valley’ where humanity is content and in harmony with nature. Melissa Egan’s new body of work has been created with this affirmative vision in mind. Her extraordinary ability to depict enchanting tales of allegorical import equates with that of a cantadora - a storyteller who draws from personal experiences and the local environs to ‘feed the souls’ of others.

Exhibition opens: 6-8pm Saturday 15 August 2015
Exhibition closes: 29 August 2015
Location: Anthea Polson Art, 60/70 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217
Contact: 0417 707 326
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