Mia Salsjo: THE NEW AGE IS A CULT - Art Collector

Courtesy: the artist and MARS Gallery, Windsor
  Mia Salsjo is a Melbourne based artists whose expanded drawing practice encompasses photography and free-form geometric abstraction created with the mediums of graphite and coloured pencil on paper. Her forthcoming exhibition, The New Age is a Cult, at MARS Gallery, Melbourne showcases recent works developed by Salsjo during residencies in Indonesia and Australia in 2014.

Key pieces in the exhibition include three large vertical works on paper each over three metres high. The compositions are segmented by musical stave lines spaced in the manner of a Fibonacci sequence. These set the scene for a riot of serpentine, linear and crystalline forms that can easily be linked to musical compositions. The works however are more expansively conceived; they extend from research undertaken by Salsjo across a range of interests - Indonesian culture, Balinese and contemporary orchestral music, her familial connections to Albania and a lingering fascination with alternative representations of reality. In ironical terms the latter interest has been encapsulated in the title of the exhibition - The New Age is a Cult. The line was appropriated from a sardonic piece of graffiti sited in the hilltop town of Ubud, an alternative cultural Mecca familiar to most any spiritual seeker sojourning on the tourist island of Bali.

Opens: 6-8pm Thursday 5 March 2015
Exhibition closes: 29 March 2015
Location: Mars Gallery, 7 James Street, Windsor VIC 3181
Contact: 03 9521 7517
Email: andy@marsgallery.com.au

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