Michael Bell: My Pet Subjects - Art Collector

Michael Bell, ‘Tony's dog’, 2018. Oil on board and aluminium, 20 x 24cm.

  Much loved as a Mambo artist in the 1990s, Michael Bell continues to hold a strong following amongst many collectors charmed by the sense of humour and optimism that his paintings, prints and constructions all carry. Bell lives and works in Newcastle, whose harbour, beaches and parks have featured as the subject of many of his paintings over the years. These paintings explore a vast range of imagery. Some reveal visions of mortality in the artist’s studio and others focus on the various dogs and native birds that visit him.

Exhibition opens: 6–8pm Thursday 14 June 2018
Exhibition closes: 3 July 2018
Location: The New Standard Gallery, 236A Riley Street, Surry Hills, NSW
Web: thenewstandardgallery.com
Email: info@thenewstandardgallery.com
Phone: +61 2 8278 7155


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