Michelle Hamer: This is what it isn’t meant to be - Art Collector

Michelle Hamer, Changed Priorities Ahead, 2015. Hand-stitching, mixed yarn on perforated plastic, 50 x 71cm. Courtesy: the artist and Fehily Contemporary.

Drawn from photographs taken throughout Melbourne, London and New York, Hamer’s works are best described as “hand-stitched pixilation”, where each stitch stands in for a pixel.

This exhibition takes Hamer’s exploration of her own personal journeys and barriers in relation to
cultural and political edicts and aspirations to a new level, with the slow hand-rendered mark making being a natural progression from hand-stitching.

The gridded use of ink on paper from a distance has a mechanized dot-matrix effect while the stitched pixilation clearly highlights each pixel in time. Time is slowed in her work as everyday moments, taken in an instant, are slowed and hand crafted.

Exhibition opens: 3-5pm Saturday 11 April 2015
Exhibition closes: 25 April 2015
Location: Fehily Contemporary, 3a Glasshouse Road Collingwood 3066

Contact: 03 9017 0860
Email: ask@fehilycontemporary.com.au

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